1. Joining and using Miyanet, you accept these rules.
  2. System operator (sysop, administrator, whatever you name it) has final word in executing administrative actions (like banning, deleting posts etc).
  3. Minimum age allowed is 18 years old. Confessing to being younger may end with a ban.
  4. There are no boys on the Internet.
  5. Sharing anyone's personal data, contact numbers, location or other identifying data is forbidden.
  6. Talking about CP (child pornography) is strictly forbidden, including linking and sharing methods of obtaining it.
  7. Stick to sub-board's and thread's topic, especially when creating new threads.
  8. Talk to each other in a cultural way. Excessive swearing, trolling, baiting and personal attacks are unacceptable.
  9. For convenience of reading, use "Answer" or "Reply" option to answer in a thread. Do not create separate posts when you stick to the thread's topic.
  10. There is no sarcasm on the Internet. If you really want to include a sarcastic message, mark it with /s at the end of sentence (or in a new line after the message) or wrap it into <joke> </joke> pseudo-hypertext. Messages without these (or other distinctive enough) marks will be understood literally.
  11. Posting or messaging with others you take full responsibility for sent text. Using marks above does not free up anyone from responsibility for their posts and messages. There are certain limits.
  12. Posting in English and Polish languages is allowed. When posting in Polish, using diacritics is not recommended as terminals using codepage 437 and others typical to terminals cannot display them.
  13. Ignorance of rules excuses no one.

Last edit: 25.07.2022

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